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Week of meals ~ 3

Happy Meal Planning! Here are a few entrees and snacks to get you through your THM journey this week! We all get in meal planning ruts.  I know I do.  I am so scattered, that looking at too many delicious recipes has my mind racing.  I have a hard time narrowing 7 meals down.  I want to make them all, lol!!  What was your favorite meal or snack this week?  Post in comments below! 

Blueberries in Greek Yogurt with a scoop of protein, vanilla and sweetener (E) Tuna Pate (E)  Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar (S) Tuna Steak in Braggs and Lime Juice with Cauli-rice and Green beans (FP) Raspberry Cheesecake (S) Sloppy Joes with Zucchini Fries (S)

Smoothie of the Week... Vanilla Coconut Latte

*Ahead of time... Brew your favorite cup of coffee and use your desired amount of heavy cream.  When it's cool, pour into an ice cube tray.  (Heads up, if you have one of those fancy K-cup machines, just brew your coffee into a pour spout container so it's easier to transfer to ice cube trays.)  
To the B…

Sloppy Joes

Why is Joe so messy?The Original Sloppy Joe Sandwich was invented at Sloppy Joe's Bar in Key West, FL.  Their
consistency is just a coincidence to the name.

Sloppy Joes Ingredients: 1 lb ground beef 1/2 cup chopped onion 1 can tomato paste (no sugar added) 1/2 cup water (or more depending on the consistency)  1 TBSP apple cider vinegar 2 TBSP yellow mustard 1/2 tsp ground cloves  1.5 tsp salt 2 tsp garlic powder

Brown the beef and onion. Drain fat in colander. 
Return to pan and add remaining ingredients and heat through.
Add more water to get to desired consistency.
Serve in lettuce cups or on Maria's Bread and with zucchini fries!

Maria's Mind Body and Health Bread is Wonderful!  I will have to say the consistency took some getting used to.  It's a tad chewy.  You'll have to make it to understand, but MAN- If you crave just sub roll type bread...make this!  Super easy.  I've baked homemade bread for years.  All the temperature modifications, rising and so fort…

Tuna Pâté

Pâté: a mixture of cooked ground meat and fat minced into a spreadable paste.
Spreadable meat?  Oh gross, right?  I recently saw a recipe for salmon bisque.  Looked good enough to try.  I like soup and I like salmon.  Let's marry them and see what's what....


It reminded me of cat food, regurgitated and thrown into a soup with some spices!


I thought I was done with creamy seafood, but...

I stumbled upon my tuna pate when I was trying to create an E tuna sandwich.  I have been pregnant and then in a baby fog, so my THM rules are a little muddled.  I bent them here and there, so now that it's time to go back to being strict I got a little confused.  I was in the process of making my E lunch and wanted a Tuna sandwich.  Well, as I got started, it dawned on me that tuna is mixed with mayo to have that 'tunafish sandwich taste'.  Darn!  Now what?  I put the canned tuna in my food processor with a little s&p, lemon juice and a couple wedges of Laughing Cow …

The Shrinker

A drink that shrinks your waistline, gives you energy, improves your health and fights cancer? What in the world? Yes, it's all true!  Oolong tea can be purchases online, found in Asian markets and I even saw it at Publix.  


**** Oolong improves vitality... prolongs lifespan... combats the aging of skin... treats eczema and rashes... prevents heart disease and cancer… reduces high blood pressure... it's a physical and mental stress reliever... strengthens teeth and prevents tooth decay... improves brain power... you get the picture. Best of all it makes a scrumptious drink called the "SHRINKER" and you get all these extras and more thrown in for good measure.  Oolong contains antioxidants that powerfully destroy free radicals. Research conducted by Dr Kenichi Yanagimoto from the university of California, showed that only 15 days of Oolong tea drinking enabled an incredible 50% reduction in free radicals.
Another study conducted by the academy of Tradi…

From Flab to Fit

From Flab to Fit

Get Your Belly Back After Baby

Get Your Belly Back After Baby