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Fruit Pizza

Fruit Pizza This a universal dish as it has served me well in the dessert, breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack area.  You can replace strawberries with any kind of other berry.  I think that banana extract would be yummy in the cream cheese filling, too.  This is definitely and S meal with all its nut and creamy goodness!   Ingredients: Crust 1 c almond flour  1c pecan flour 1/4 tsp sea salt  1/2 c of sweetener 1/3 c melted butter 1/2 to 1 tsp of almond extract Filling 8 oz. Greek yogurt cream cheese (Or half cream cheese half greek yogurt) SOFTENED! 1 tsp vanilla  1 tsp of almond extract 1/4 c powdered Truvia 1/2 c whipping cream OR almond milk 1 tsp glucci Glaze Topping 2 c strawberries blended with 1 Tbsp lemon juice *I used a bag of frozen then defrost strawberries.  I think they are sweeter and blend nicely) sweetener to taste  1/2 tsp glucci  nuts & berries for topping Directions: Crust: Mix well and pat

Taco Soup

Taco Soup A dreamy, creamy addition to my soup collection for sure! Who doesn't love tacos?   Who doesn't love soup? Ingredients: 1 lb grass fed beef 1 TB coconut oil Taco Spice mix (pre bought -how dare you- or make your own) 4 cups Beef Broth 2 cans tomatoes (fire roasted or Rotel) or a jar of salsa 8 oz cream cheese shredded monterey jack chesse avocado olives lime juice joseph's pitas salt Instructions: Brown meat in coconut oil.  Add taco spice mix.  Add tomatoes in juices and broth.  Simmer.  Add cream cheese and break up and stir until melted.  Give a good couple squeezes of lime juice.  Divide into serving bowls and add toppings.  Serve with Lime & salt pita chips.  Lime & salt Pita Chips Cut up a Joseph's Pita into 2 circles, cutting along the edge with a pair of kitchen scissors. Then cut each circle into triangles. I arrange my pita triangles on a cookie sheet with holes in it.  (It's made


HASH Back in my previous food life, I loved a good potato hash.  Something about fried potatoes smothered in onions and cheese and dripping with ketchup makes a breakfast fit for queen.   Partnering with a THM lifestyle is so wonderful I never have to feel like I'm sacrificing.  Potato Hash is one of them. In my hunt to replace the white potato with something I was full of ideas.  I came across the lovely Rutabaga! Now... Why not Potato and why rutabaga?  Potatoes are starchy and when have you ever eating a potato alone.  It's almost always fried, drenched in sour cream or spread with cheese.  They are also high on the  glycemic  index.   All a no-no in the THM world.    Enter: The Rutabaga. It is lower in carbs (about half a white potato) and only rates a 5 on the glycemic index.  White potatoes are 13.   They golden up nicely and while people say they taste like a turnip, I've never had a turnip so they just taste like a... rutabaga!

Will You Be My Valentine?

Will You Be My Valentine? I started Trim Healthy Mama last February 2013.  I don't remember the exact date, so I was either frustrated with not being able to eat my yearly gifted Tolberone or I had just had my last Tolberone on Valentines.  Either way, I don't miss it.  That's HUGE coming from me.  I really needed to attend    C. A. (Chocoholics Anonymous).  I ate chocolate daily.   Low and behold... I still do !  I just eat it smarter now!   I am sure if you are an avid THM follower, Skinny Chocolate is your go-to chocolate.  It's the most healthy, being made with coconut oil.  I wanted to make something different for my Valentine treats.  I did some experimenting with Cacao Butter.  It smells wonderful.  Like chocolate, of coarse.  I order mine from Amazon .   First batch dilemma: I melted the Bakers Chocolate and Cacao Butter over a double broiler.  When it was all melty, I added my homemade Truvia, sea salt and heavy cream.  It was very lu

My allergic reaction to jalapeños

****** If you are having an intense burning from cutting jalapeños and found this blog on the web, scroll to the bottom.  I have labeled what you need to do!!! It was Saturday afternoon. I had a wonderfully planned party at my house for 6pm. I diligently cleaned all day. I had let my house go, so a deep clean was in order. I was saving all my cooking for the last hour of the party so everything would be warm. It was 5pm and I was ready to cook. Being 6 months pregnant, the breaking back work of cleaning had almost done me in, but it was worth it. The house looked great. I planned to make a few dishes, but my star dish was 'Jalapeno Poppers'. I had them in restaurants in the past, but never made them. I got the recipe off a Facebook page. She hand typed it (no blog or star winning website) so it was simple instructions. I destemmed, cut them length wise and deseeded 15-20 jalapenos. Followed the rest of the instructions and into the oven they went. I de

From Flab to Fit

From Flab to Fit

Get Your Belly Back After Baby

Get Your Belly Back After Baby