Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Will You Be My Valentine?

Will You Be My Valentine?

I started Trim Healthy Mama last February 2013.  I don't remember the exact date, so I was either frustrated with not being able to eat my yearly gifted Tolberone or I had just had my last Tolberone on Valentines.  Either way, I don't miss it.  That's HUGE coming from me.  I really needed to attend    C. A. (Chocoholics Anonymous).  I ate chocolate daily.  

Low and behold... I still do

I just eat it smarter now!  

I am sure if you are an avid THM follower, Skinny Chocolate is your go-to chocolate.  It's the most healthy, being made with coconut oil.  I wanted to make something different for my Valentine treats.  I did some experimenting with Cacao Butter.  It smells wonderful.  Like chocolate, of coarse.  I order mine from Amazon.  

First batch dilemma: I melted the Bakers Chocolate and Cacao Butter over a double broiler.  When it was all melty, I added my homemade Truvia, sea salt and heavy cream.  It was very lumpy.  I forgot that erythritol does not dissolve very well.  I went ahead and put it in some molds but it was clumpy and ugly.  

Second batch lightbulb idea:  I decided to melt the erythritol in heavy cream over low heat and then blitz it in the blender before adding to the melted chocolate... Eureka!  Hence, this recipe was born....  


In a sauce pan on low, combine 1/3 cup of heavy cream and 1/4 cup of homemade or regular Truvia.  (use another sweetener of your choice but I don't know what the ratio would be?)
While that's melting, 
Over a double broiler melt 3 ounces of Cacao Butter and 2 ounces of Bakers Chocolate.
Once your heavy cream mixture is somewhat melty (you'll still have some clumps of erythritol), pour into your blunter (I used my Vitamix) and blend real good.  Pour your smooth, sweetened heavy cream mix into your throughly melted cacao/chocolate mixture.
Remove from the burner.

 Should be nice and creamy like this!

Next I add 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt and a scant 1/8 teaspoon of NOW brand Organic Stevia powder.


Then, I pour my chocolate into some small bowls and flavor.  I like to Bakto Flavors and doTERRA Peppermint oil.

(Irish Creme, Raspberry, Orange and Peppermint!  I also did a batch with some peanut butter in it and  another batch with salted peanuts and almonds)

After that- it's mold pouring time!  
Freeze for a few hours and then enjoy!

Turtles are heaven!

You can find the recipe here.  I made them exactly according to the directions with Swerve and Chocoperfection bars.  These bars are pricey, but worth it.  They have a nice, smooth texture and perfectly sweet.  The price is hard to get over.  I buy them and save for a special occasion... Like Valentines! XOXOXO 

These turtles are very sweet.  Don't let the brown butter scare you off.  Just melt your butter in a sauce pan and watch it intently.  You'll see the butter turn brown with specks.  Have your sweetener and cream ready and waiting.  It really is easy.  

I hope you have a very sweet Valentines and NO regrets the next day! :)

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