Friday, January 23, 2015

Freezer Meals

7 Days of THM friendly Freezer Meals

I will add all the links & then repost with any tips and pictures after I have completed the week... PS- this is my first attempt at this!  Any comments are much appreciated ;)


Lunches will be leftovers...

which is something I never have because I'm always making dinner "on-the-fly" and I am hoping that planning ahead and making big pot meals will load my frig with more leftovers.  This will also be helpful for a hungry husband on the go.  I know he's sick of Turkey Sandwiches! Some things I may make and freeze, if I feel like it, will be:

  • Just like Campbell's Tomato Soup.  I like to add rice and cooked chicken to mine E
  • Salads in a mason jar, ready to shake and eat (obviously I won't be freezing my salads but I will have these ready in the frig)


I am up at 6 and rushing kids and myself out the door for school.  It would be nice to have some breakfast things ready.  I am guilty of just having coffee and nothing else until I get home from school drop off which is around 8:30.  That's too long to go without food!  Here's my ideas:

I thought it would be pertinent to post how to avoid freezer burn.  Since this is my first attempt, I want to avoid all speed bumps!  Happy Cooking...err...Freezing!