Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sweetened Condensed Milk

Have you seen that wonderful recipe floating around for sweetened condensed milk that is on plan?


Check this out: Sweet Condensed Milk Recipe

Now, when you read this recipe you will quickly realize you need some patience as it has to simmer for 4 hours!  I saw this recipe over a year ago and thought of all the wonderful possibilities.  Then... I just never found 4 hours to simmer something.  And really, it's such a simplistic recipe, it seemed too good to be true.  Really.

Then I came across one of those recipe videos on Facebook.  You know the ones.  We are all guilty of watching, saving and sharing them.  This one was the pumpkin pie in muffin cups made with sweetened condense milk.  Have you seen it?


Check this out: Tip Hero Mini Pumpkin Pies

Now.  Is.  The.  Time!  I decided to make the pies with the infamous milk.  Unfortunately I only had one can of full fat coconut milk so I improvised (and boy and I glad I did!)  It turned out wonderful!  I can only imagine the original recipe using all coconut milk tasting to 'coconutty'.  The heavy cream really softened it.

Here's what I did:

I poured one can of full fat coconut into a sauce pan.  I filled that can about 2/3 the way with heavy cream.  I didn't fill the whole can up because that's all I had.  But...2/3 worked perfectly!  I stirred in 4 Tablespoons of THM Sweet Blend.  When my mixture came to a boil, I simmered it....for FOUR HOURS.  It turned a little brown.  I guess it was reducing, but not as much as I had expected.  It thickened nicely.  I did whisk it often so it wouldn't burn and kept the heat low on the burner... just above bubbling.

Nice and Thick!

That's it!

I got exactly 14 oz, which is what the recipe called for.  I used it in the recipe just as it called for regular condensed milk.  I will have to say that I had to add more sweetener to the pie mixture.  I felt like it could be sweeter so maybe the next time I make the milk, I will sweeten it more.  Sweetened Condensed Milk is supposed to be sickeningly sweet, after all! 

Here's my pies:

My crust was from the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook! 
Traditional Pie Crust page 325

It tasted so amazing! 

This is my Thanksgiving dessert.  I may even have one for breakfast, too! 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Caldo de Res (Mexican Beef Soup)

Caldo de Res (Mexican Beef Soup) with Zing!!!

This soup is so fantastic. So, in your face, with Mexican flavor.  So... very different from your run of the mill, typical beef soup! My family and I have been going to our favorite Mexican restaurant for 12 years now. They know us by our van, as we pull into the parking lot. My husband eats lunch their 4 time a least! They have his table all set up with his food and drink when he walks in. It's a comfort for our children to go somewhere they feel special and the servers know them by name. Also, having 6 kids, we tend to make a bit of a mess. This restaurant expects the chaos we bring, so it's no big surprise! Lol!

This restaurant created a new soup for the winter season. We sampled it the day they created it. It was delicious. Unfortunately, they put bacon in it so I had to mock up a pork free version for us. I didn't dare ask them their recipe (my Spanish is rusty anyway), so this is a taste to memory success!

  • 2-3 pounds Rump Roast
  • salt
  • 2-3 cups beef broth
  • 3 tablespoons tomato paste
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon thyme
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 cup frozen veggies (I used the frozen diced onion, red and green peppers and celery)
  • 1 can of pinto beans, drained
  • 6 tablespoons tomatillo salsa (It's the “green” salsa, sometimes labeled salsa verde- I get the one with jalapenos for some kick. If your salsa verde doesn't have jalapenos, think about adding something spicy like cayenne, red pepper flakes or a small can of jalapenos.)
  • 1 tablespoon of cilantro (I use the paste kind because NONE of my stores have the fresh. If you you're using fresh I would triple this amount)
  • 1 teaspoon of chopped garlic
  • 2 limes
  • diced avocado

Whew! I said flavorful! So that means lots of ingredients! :)

In your crock pot, add the beef broth, tomato paste and thyme. Whisk till mixed throughly and then place your bay leaf in. (If you you're using 2 pounds of meat go for 2 cups of broth, if you're using 3 pounds, add 3 cups. It's really a 'how-soupy-you-like-it' preference.) Salt your meat, liberally, on all sides. In a skillet, add the tablespoon of olive oil and get your pan real hot. Sear your meat on all sides. (You're not cooking this meat all the way through, just crisping the sides. It's a nice trick I learned years ago. It seals in the juices and makes the meat delicious.) When your meat is seared, add it to your crock pot. Around your roast, pour in your veggies. (You can use fresh instead of frozen, but this is a time saver.) Slow cook your roast for 6-8 hours on low.  You don't have to, but a every so often you can baste the meat with the flavored broth.  No biggie if you don't! I know crock pot cooking is all about  'fix and forget' but turning the meat or basting can give you a more flavorful meat.

After your roast is cooked throughly, take out with a pair of tongs onto a cutting board. You'll know it's done when it falls apart, as you spear it with a fork. Pull or cut your roast into bite size pieces and add back to the crock pot with the following: beans, salsa verde, cilantro, garlic and lime. Now is the time to add more broth if you think it needs it.  Turn your crock pot up to high and let it cook another 30-45 min. Even longer if you want.

Spoon soup into a bowl and serve with diced avocado on top.  

 Serving: 4 BIG Bowls or 6-8 smaller bowls

My husband gives it 5 "mmmm's"
When I was done eating mine, I had to break bad table manners and........

Trim Healthy Mama's: This is an S soup!  Don't let the one can of beans scare you.  Not enough carbs to put you in E! 

***I have been known to cook a pot roast in my pressure cooker as a time saver.  If you don't have the 8-10 hours to do this and have a pressure cooker, you can still have this soup in about an hour or so! Just pressure cook your roast in the broth, tomato paste and spices.  Don't forget to sear meat first.  Then add cut up, cooked, roast and broth to a pot on the stove.  Add the other ingredients and simmer for 30-45 min!  

Sunday, November 1, 2015

HALLOWEEN 2015 {THM style}

It's Halloween... 

...and the truly scariest sight is a tired momma!  She's the real zombie!  I had just rangled 6 kids at an over crowed fall festival.  Ticket cost were sucking me dry.  Really! 2 BUCKS to throw a pie?!  I had lost one kid for a good 15 minutes, there were a few tantrums, gimme this and gimme that mantras, "I'm cold"...."I'm bored"..."I wanna go home"...."I don't wanna go home!!!"

By the time I got home and rubbed my eyes, in pure exhaustion, I had concluded that I invented the zombie look long before Walking Dead.  

Halloween is one of those holidays that just makes people loose all crotrol when it comes to food and especially 'treats'.  Can I get an amen?  Those little twizzlers and snickers will not keep or make your hips little...if you know what I'm saying! 
And all the party food!  Is there a way to eat the spooky treats and still not have all those ghoulish guilts?

Answer.... YES!

Enter Trim Healthy Mama: Halloween Food

Now, you'll have to get the new book for some of these recipes.  (It's only fair...and might I add totally worth it!)

First up is a Pimento Cheese Skull.  I never follow a particular recipe when it comes to pimento cheese.  Here i have Monterey Jack cheese, mayo and cream cheese.  I mixed it all in my food processor and add pimentos. The eyes are boiled eggs, olives and almonds for teeth.

The crackers are obviously not on plan.  Those were for party guest that may not have liked the Joseph Pita chips or veggies as a vessel for shoving this creamy goodness in the pie hole.

Layered Mexican dip.  I have shredded chicken on the bottom, salsa, black beans, shredded cheese, tomatoes and olives.  I put some sour cream in a baggie and cut off a corner to pipe a web.

Swedish Meatball 'bats' from the new Trim Healthy Mama cookbook page 61.
I did spaghetti sauce instead of the cream sauce.

Deviled Eggs with olive spiders!

Trim Healthy Mama's Fakertot casserole page 147.  This was delicious!  I made some tombstones and a spooky tree from Joseph Pita bread.  I just over crisped them slightly.  

Veggie skeleton with ranch dip!


THM Halloween just wouldn't be right without something sweet!
These treats are full of healthy fat, low carb and NO SUGAR! 

Chocolate Chip Cookies, Skinny Peppermint Patties, Treeces, Pay Off Day Candy Pecan style, Lemon and Berry Gummies and Pay Off Day Candy dipped in Chocolate to mock the popular Snickers!

I had NO desire to dip my hand into my kids buckets this year.  I haven't sampled one single sugar ladened candy or splurged on anything that will put me out of my skinny jeans next week! 
You can still be creative with THM and holidays.  It makes great party food and even people that don't do THM, will love it!

So get that sugar-monkey off your back.  Order the THM newly revised on plan book and cookbook. You can also find the book in stores like Sams and Kroger.