Sunday, February 26, 2017

THM Bodybuilding Style


Oh man-Blog posting is just NOT my thing!  I hate that I don't have more time and perseverance for this page!  I love shouting from the roof tops about nutrition and exercise...but I'm so busy living nutrition and exercise that I forget to talk about it.  Good circle to be in!  Anyways- I hope I haven't disappointed all 6 of the people that read my!

I've been on a body building journey and have really enjoyed my results!  It was hard to ditch THM [a little] to put on some weight.  It went against everything I believe in.  Loosing weight!  That has been my whole baby making and having, way of life.  Loose weight. I never thought I'd want the scale to go up.  How bizarre!

My happiest on THM I weighted a tiny 112 lbs.  I was trim and loved fitting into size 0-2 clothes. First time in my life, ever!

Here I am with my oldest, dropping him off at Boy Scout summer camp!  I had a real grasp on THM and was already recruiting friends at this point! 


Point blank.  The program is solid!  The reason I know this is because I recently went off of it to bulk up some muscle.  I was trim in this photo, but I got the muscle building bug and wanted to kick things up a notch!  So I took a leap of faith and started eating whole grain pasta, bread, BARS, and so on.  I wasn't eating unhealthy, just my 'crossovers' were crossing WAY over!  Which leads me to why THM is so versatile.  You don't have to use to always loose weight.  You can also maintain and gain on it, the healthy way! It's not a fad and never will be.  It's a way of life and just like life you can adjust according to your season of living!  It's not low fat.  It's not low carb.  It's not a 6 weeks to a bikini body hype! It's real food, eaten in a real way!  

I will leave you with some pictures to set your mind at ease.  If you have lost all your weight and satisfied with where you are...stay on that THM train!  Maintain your body and stay healthy.  If you want some muscles and looking to take that leap of faith then Crossover!  If you decide to do this, make sure you are ready to pump some iron!  I work out at home.  It is what works for me.  If I had to load up kids to go to the gym, it would never happen!  

*Check out my page labeled 'Cathe' for more workout information!

This was taken after having my 6th baby!  I was already a THM'er and had about 30 pounds to loose!

This is about 2 years later!  I lift heavy weights and also do HIIT and cardio.  Still a THM and eating S, E and CO!

So, my intentions for this post are to encourage mama's of all seasons to keep pressing forward and follow their dreams.  Just because you are in "loose weight mode" now doesn't mean you'll be there forever.  Never throw "muscles" off the table.  I will be 40 this year and have birthed 6 babies.  I totally see a 6 pack in my future! (That's just my goal, doesn't have to be yours...I've just always wanted one).  I think that some women feel like they are past their prime for biceps and quads! Never!  It's never too late to pick up some dumbbells.  I understand feeling lost on where to get started.  If you want to ask questions on this blog, I will help you any way I can! 

And always remember... Muscles Burn Fat!  

End. Of. Story.

:) D