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About a year ago I made the switch from Fitnessblender to Cathe


Fitnessblender is AWESOME!  and FREE!!!  If you are wanting to start a workout program and feel lost.  Go here!  They are super smart and can get you on track with easy exercises that require only dumbbells.  You can totally pick those up at a Walmart while you're grocery shopping! The paid programs are worth the cheap price.  I bought almost all of them and enjoyed them!

I left because I had reached my full potential with them.  It wasn't challenging anymore and I craved more!  I wanted more versatility in my workouts and more of a push even if I had to pay for it!

Who is Cathe?

Cathe Friedrich is a fitness instructor and has been making workout dvd's (and VHS lol) for almost 2 decades.  She is BIG into encouraging home workouts.  No machines required to get fit and her body proves it!  I like her because she's fun!  She has 450 different workouts to choose from.  She does everything from step aerobics, dumbbells, HIIT, Cardio, Barre, Kickboxing...Just to name a few.  She was inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame so she kinda knows a thing or two!

450 Workouts? Sounds Expensive?

It's really not!  I do everything online.  I don't buy the DVD's.  I pay $20 a month and have access to everything she's made (even the stuff from the 80's) and she has LIVE workout at her gym in Jersey every Thursday.  I can workout LIVE with her and have access to all the past LIVE workouts she's ever done!  Never and opportunity to get bored!  Right now I am about to complete her STS series that has taken 3 1/2 months to complete.  It's a strength building and muscle growing program!  I have throughly enjoy it!

How do I sign up?

Go here to sign up to for OnDemand Cathe Live.  You'll be officially known as a Cathlete for life!  There is a great Facebook page too!  Do a search and look me up :)

Best of luck and Happy Lifting!


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