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Back in my previous food life, I loved a good potato hash.  Something about fried potatoes smothered in onions and cheese and dripping with ketchup makes a breakfast fit for queen.  
Partnering with a THM lifestyle is so wonderful I never have to feel like I'm sacrificing.  Potato Hash is one of them.

In my hunt to replace the white potato with something I was full of ideas.  I came across the lovely


Now... Why not Potato and why rutabaga? 

Potatoes are starchy and when have you ever eating a potato alone.  It's almost always fried, drenched in sour cream or spread with cheese.  They are also high on the glycemic index.  

All a no-no in the THM world.   

Enter: The Rutabaga.
It is lower in carbs (about half a white potato) and only rates a 5 on the glycemic index.  White potatoes are 13.  

They golden up nicely and while people say they taste like a turnip, I've never had a turnip so they just taste like a... rutabaga!

Rutabaga Hash

serving 2

1 cup peeled and diced rutabaga
half of each: red, green and yellow pepper, diced the same size
1/2 cup diced onion
6 pieces of bacon
coconut oil, butter or bacon fat
s & p
shredded cheddar cheese
sugar free ketchup

Instructions (with pictures)

First cook your 6 pieces of bacon, crispy, and then let them cool.  As you can plainly see I have made more because you can NEVER cook bacon without snacking on one.  This is low sodium turkey bacon.  You can use regular bacon.  I love that, too.  But, as a preference, I just enjoy the taste of turkey bacon better.  

In the same pan heat up your choice of fat.  I used bacon fat.  I do fix, on occasion, the real fatty bacon for my family.  I buy the good, expensive, organic stuff.  Save the fat in a jar, in the frig and use it to cook with.  (It's wonderful to cook scrambled eggs in.  This is Cracker Barrel's secret)  

When the pan is nice and hot, add your: 
rutabaga, onion, peppers.
Pretty huh?
Food Art!

Cook it down till it's tender...*NOT MUSH*
I read that rutabaga can overcook and get mushy easily so as tempted as I was to cook this on high heat I kept it at medium and just waited patiently.

Once it's tender add your bacon back in and season with salt and pepper.  

Whoa-La... Hash!  I topped mine with cheese and sf ketchup.  It was delicious I ate both servings.  I am growing a little one, so I had an excuse ;)

1 cup of Rutabaga is 15g carbs with 3g fiber = Net carbs 12
2 servings makes this 6 carbs each! 
This is so versatile...Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Linner and Dinner!!!

*You can give it a Mexican flare with shredded chicken, avocado, salsa and sour cream and monterey jack cheese!

*Shredded pork and sugar free bbq sauce!  

*Great with a scrambled egg!

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