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There has been a growing interest about combining THM with Weight Lifting.  It is so exciting to think that THM was created around the principals of fuel cycling and shredding, which are big bodybuilding terms.  We won't get into that because we aren't Arnold Schwarzenegger.  We are Momma's that want some muscles!  It's totally possible!  I will take you through my day and what I do.  This is in no way what you should do, exactly.  Tweek this schedule to make it work for YOU!  I am not a nutritionalist or professional athlete!  I see more and more THM's either getting into a stall or not seeing the results they hoped for, overall.  THM is based on fuel cycling.  You shouldn't linger or get too comfortable in one setting.  That' what makes the program so fun (in my opinion, but I'm easily excited!)  Never eat the same cycle day in and day out.

I wake at 6am.  I am the mother of 6 children and have to get 4 off to school.  I make sure that I eat early.  I'm usually starving when I wake, anyway!  I eat an E breakfast Monday-Friday.  I know I said to switch it up, but this is because my workouts are early in the morning and I need that energy!  I eat S breakfast on the weekends.  To me that's switching it up! On Sunday I will prep enough THM pancakes or muffins or whatever so that Monday at 6am I'm not cooking.  I'm barely awake and need everything to be right in front of me.

Some of my favorite E breakfasts are:

  • THM pancakes made thin and rolled up with greek yogurt and blueberries 
  • Peach Muffins from the book
  • Oatmeal and Egg White Omelet 
  • Mufflets made with carton egg whites only, ground turkey and spinach 
  • Sweet potato with cinnamon sweetened greek yogurt.  (I bake a bunch of these at once)

I will get home from dropping the kids off at 8am.  My workout out starts at 8:30am.  I work out in my home to Fitness Blender.  I still have 2 little ones at home.  I don't like to drag them or me to a gym everyday.  Too expensive....too much hassle....too many Bo-hunk wannabes.....  Fitness blender has schooled me on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).  I used to be a cardio junkie.  Step aerobics, running for miles and miles, hours on a elliptical.  The problem with the same, constant motion over and over is your body will begin to sandbag you and that's being counterproductive.  I can burn 3 times as many calories/fat doing HIIT and weight lifting than any grueling run.  Fitness Blender has 450+ free workouts to choose from.  They also have paid programs that you can buy and have for life!  GET THEM!  I'm NEVER bored.  So many to choose from! They are FANTASTIC!  When you workout you want to be sweating and working those muscles from every angle!  Don't be like this guy, lol!

My Workout is normally planned out because I have the Fitness Blender programs.  But if you go to their website and sign in for FREE (no hassle I promise) you can create a workout calendar using all their free videos from YouTube.  It's awesome...I promise!

My workout will looks something like this:
Lower Body Strength, HIIT and Abs
Upper Body Strength plus and extra added Chest routine 
HIIT and Yoga
Upper Body, Cardio and Yoga
Pilates and Lower Body Strength
Stretching and/or Yoga
Rest Day

I lift way more than I do cardio.  When I increased my weight sessions and lowered my cardio sessions I noticed a great increase in muscle mass.  My butt when from flat to muscular.  AND...Ladies! When I lift, I lift heavy!  You will have to take it slow and gradually increase but do not do squats with 5 lbs dumbbells in your hands and expect a big results.  You must lift heavy.  Read this article 8 reasons women should lift weights!

Hopefully you've glanced at that article and have seen that weights can have a more effect at weight loss! 

You have to keep in your head this rant:  


If you are having a hard time wrapping your head around Fitnessblender, start with this 5 Day program.  It's free and you will feel so much better at the end of the 5 days! If you have physical issues and can't move as fast, they always give Low Impact options!

Sometimes before I workout I am starving.  Maybe my body just needed more that morning, I didn't eat enough carbs or I know my workout might be a tad longer than normal.  OR- lots of heavy lifting.  I have created a quick and delicious Protein Pudding that easy to fix, quick to eat, a fuel pull and gives you the much needed energy to push through without disrupting your digestion during all that HIIT!

Protein Pudding:
2 Tablespoons of peanut flour
2 Tablespoons of protein powder
1 Tablespoon of cocoa powder
1 1/2 teaspoons of THM super sweet blend.

I make a bunch of these an put them in baggies.  When I'm ready I will dump the baggie and add to that 2 Tablespoons of unsweetened almond milk.  Mix, mix, mix! It's about 5 bites of thick chocolate protein!  (Makes a great icing for a MIM :)

After my workout I immediately have a Post workout shake.  This can also be defined as a mid-morning snack.  Remember I woke at 6 and finished my breakfast by 6:30.  I've worked out and its now 9:30 and I'm starving.  My muscles are literally crying for protein! Here I have a choice to switch up my fuels.  I will do one of the following...

  • Stick with a FP and have a Fat Stripping Frappe, Thin Thick, Secret Big Boy, or something I've just made up! 
  • Stay with E and only have a teaspoon of MTC oil and throw some mango or 1/2 banana in a smoothie or a chocolate shake with oatmeal in it! Yum! 
  • Take on an S and do a peanut butter shake
In any choice, protein has to be prevalent!  Whey or Collagen! I switch up these fuels constantly and am always doing something different everyday.  
Whatever I choose will pave my way for lunch abound 11:30-12.  If I go with the FP shake sky is limit for lunch (S, E, FP).  If I choose E, I would have an E lunch like sweet potato fries and chicken breast or brown rice, sautéed zucchini and salmon in a teaspoon of oil.  Or any E option from the book.  Lastly, if I chose the S shake my lunch would be a satisfying leftover piece of lazy lasagna, turkey burger and veggies cooked in butter or something yummy from the book! (mmmm, tomato soup with a Joseph Pita grilled cheese.  NOW I'm hungry!) 

I will have a mid afternoon snack.  My kids get off the bus at 3 and we all snack together and talk about our day.  Muffin in a mug, or a peanut junkie with an apple, cottage berry whip.  The snacks from the book are my main focus!  I may have an afternoon coffee, collagen tea or oolong as well!  I start dinner at 5:30 and we eat around 6-6:30.  This may be contradicting but I don't eat many E dinners. I may have an E dinner twice a week.  My favorite is a Crossover dinner of Taco Salad with baked blue corn chips.  

So the day is done and kids are off to bed!  Can we say dessert?  Well....yes and no!

"What??? You do eat dessert, right?"

Here's where I think some may stall.  You dive into the THM book and see all these heavy cream, peanut butter desserts and over indulge.  They are on plan.  But...

If we were to say NO to everything...well that's not even possible.  If we were to say YES to everything our pants wouldn't fit!  If you haven't noticed by now I'm a very routine oriented, meticulous person.  I like order.  I like saving my S treats/desserts for the weekend.  I helps me have moderation and really makes them special.  They can be costly to make so saving them keeps money in your pocket.  If you save a dessert you've been drooling over for the weekend, it gives you something to look forward to.  Almost a reward! When the weekend is over, I will freeze what's left (if there is any lol) and save for another weekend.
My week night desserts are normally FP or light S with Protein at the forefront!
Cottage cheese, greek yogurt and celery, Turkey wrapped in a cheese stick, fuel pull muffin in a mug, or a cold piece of chicken.  (Tip--->I bake a pan of these at time and keep in the frig.  GREAT hunger curbers!)

Some other things I can recommend if you want a glance into my food/workout life:
I drink TONS of water.  That will really stall you if you are dehydrated.
I take supplements of multi vitamin, fish oil and b complex.
I supplement with creatine, glutamine and BCAA.  These are building blocks for muscle growth and very good for you!

Remember the two P's 

Patience & Protien

It takes time to see results! But in the end it will pay off!  I promise! 
This took 18 months!

Feeling pumped and took a pic.  I like to have these for motivation when a workout feels too hard and I want to quit!

Good Luck Ladies and Happy Lifting!


  1. Hey, Destiny! I'm lurking over from the FB discussion this week! I had a couple of questions.

    I'm a homeschooling mom of 4, 8 and under. I wake up around 6 and do a fasting workout. I usually do plyo/HIIT. (T25, Insanity Max30 type workouts) T25 incorporates weights into Beta and Gamma, as well as plyometrics. I fast because I have to fix my husband his THM breakfast and lunch before he leaves for work. I plan to pick a Fitness Blender Program when I'm finished with a round of T25. (I spent my time from the age of 16 to 28 in the gym lifting and doing cardio. I look forward to getting back to more weights and heavy weights!)

    I believe my fuel is where I'm lacking. I don't do many Es, some here and there. And I've realized recently a lot of heavy Ss. I'm trying to cut back on the heavy and realize after the FB discussion I need more Es. I see you have your E breakfast before your AM workout. If you had to do a fasting AM workout, how would you fuel in the AM hours? Preworkout? Postworkout? My postworkout will be my breakfast. Thanks in advance!

    1. I had a friend once that stalled and was so frustrated. I suggested more E's. She did 3 solid days of E's and lost 5 pounds. We have in our head that E (carbs) equals weight gain. Our bodies need that balance. They are equally as important as S. I have tried fasted am workouts and I'm ravished before I'm done. I cannot do it. I would definitely suggest at least a small bite of protein before your workout. Weird, but I love cold chicken. I keep a container of cooked chicken in my frig all the time. You could eat a piece of chicken. My protein pudding would be great. A baby frappe would work too. Something with protein but not give you digestion too much to work with! You need energy to power thru! If you are going to do a fasted am workout I personally think your post workout should always be E. You can save your satisfying S breakfast for your rest days! See if you can do an E meal almost everyday... breakfast ,lunch or dinner as long as it's in daily life! (Sweet potatoes are imo the most perfect E fueling carb. I bake a pan of them at a time and so they are ready to be heated up. That is such a wonderful post workout food with a protein shake!)

  2. I should add to the fasting part...I have to get my husband out the door, a workout, and a shower in before my kids start getting up. Just so it's more clear why I have a hard time getting a preworkout meal/snack in...I wake up, workout, and then get hubby's and my own breakfasts ready.

    1. Prepping IS your friend. Bake some chicken, sweet potatoes, THM pancakes, baggie of protein pudding, prepare the dry ingredients for FSF in baggies, boil some eggs.... Do what you can so your am is grab and go. That's the only way I can move so quickly in the am and get it all done :)

  3. Destiny thank you so much for all your info, I have read over it multiple times and will many more. I will be working out at 5 am, so thinking about your protein pudding as my pre-workout. I cannot do fasted, I get dizzy and nauseated otherwise. Would the protein pudding be plenty to get me through and how long prior to workout should I eat the protein pudding? Thanks again for the info you shared.

  4. Your very welcome! I get dizzy and lighted in a 'real' fasted workout as well. I do eat a breakfast at 6am and my workout begins at 8:30. My body has had something and used it for energy, but my digestion is free and not struggling while I'm working out! (which can cause sluggishness) A fasted workout can be considered not eating 2-3 hours before your workout. The protein pudding can totally carry you thru and you might wanna consider spreading it on a 1/2 an apple or Joseph Pita just for a little extra carb boost! 5am! My hats off to you. When I used to homeschool, the only way I could get my workout in was to get up at the wee hours before the kids and get it done. I was so sleepy I never really remembered half of it! Great job! You are burning fat all day long with early a.m. sweats!!!

  5. Just letting you know that your protein is awesome! I can make it through my workout just fine with no sluggishness! If you don't mind I have another question. Can you tell me which brands of creatine, glutamine and bcaa's that you use and when do you take them? Now if I can get just get the prepping down, I think prepping is a huge key and a game changer I just don't ever make the time for it!!

  6. That should have said protein pudding

  7. Yah! I am so excited that someone else shares my love for that simple, but amazing recipe! Really!!! I buy ON brand creatine, BCAA and glutamine. The can colors are black and green. I order it thru or sometimes After much reading I have found this to be best (for me)... Before my workout I will sip some BCAA (1 rounded tsp) and Creatine (1/2 tsp). Like while I'm cleaning up the kitchen from the morning breakfast bomb that had exploded! After my workout I will take another shot of creatine and glutamine (1/2 tsp each). Then right before I take another shot of glutamine. All mix really well in GGMS! Good Luck on prepping. It's the secret weapon to staying on plan!


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