Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Strawberry Parfait with Slim Belly Jelly and Crunchy Granola

Every time I say the word Parfait, I simply must recite the lines from Donkey on Shriek... "Everybody likes Parfaits!"

This is wonderful as a breakfast or dessert, or snack.  Just alter how much granola you use.  I start by a couple large dollops of greek yogurt.  To that I'll had a half of scoop of Swanson's Protein powder, a teaspoon of vanilla and sweetener of choice.  (Mine is a couple Tablespoons of ground up erythritol and a dash of stevia.)  Give it a good stir.  It should be just barely sweet, because your Slim Belly Jelly will give it the sweetness you'll need to complete it.

My secret to making Slim Belly Jelly (from the THM book):
When I grind my Erythritol in my Vitamix, there is always a nice, heavy, residue of powdered sweetness.  I can't get it all into my container.  So here's what I do to harvest every last drop.  I leave a bag of frozen strawberries in the frig to defrost.  (Usually over night) After grinding my erythritol, and scraping all I can into my container, I pour the defrosted strawberries into the container with a some stevia, lemon juice and glucci.  I give it a whirl and there you have it.  Slim Belly Jelly that the THM sisters invented and no waste on your erythritol.  Yah!

Add a few sprinkles of your crunchy granola for a fuel pull or a lot for an E meal.

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