Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pimento Portobellos with Cabbage Noodles

I love going out to eat, devouring something fabulous and then...recreating it at home!  Yes - I'm a Food Nerd! 

Went out to eat with some super, amazing gals at Nonnah's!  We ordered an appetizer that was portobellos filled with creamy feta and roasted red peppers.  

Let the recreating begin...

I start out by scooping out the inside of two organic portobello mushrooms.  Put them in a pan and roast at 425 for about 10-ish minutes.  You just want them to soften.  While that goodness is happening, whip up a batch of pimento cheese

(Shredded cheese of choice, a giant dollop of cream cheese, mayo, pimentos and S & P)

When your mushrooms are soft, scoop some of that yummy, creamy pimento cheese inside.  Bake until the cheese begins to bubbly and ooze.  

While that is happening, fry you up some good 'ole fatty bacon!  (I have to cook a whole pack, because when my family gets a whiff- they all come in for a piece.)  

Save your bacon grease.  

Out come your mushrooms from the oven.  Crumble some bacon on top.  

Pour off some of your bacon grease and leave a little in your pan.  Grab that leftover shredded cabbage from your Egg Roll in a Bowl dish and throw it in.  Sauté with a little salt until wilted.  

Plate up and enjoy, my friend! 

(I used sharp white cheddar for this batch of pimento cheese.  Alternately, you can add a little feta to your pimento cheese before filling your mushrooms for some double oozy, gooey, cheesiness)

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