Monday, June 16, 2014

Pepperoni Pizza Salad

Most of my adult life I was a vegetarian and dabbled in raw and vegan.  I have a true, intimate love for salads as they were a huge part of my eating life for a long time.  Now that I am a Trim Healthy Mama, salads take on a new meaning.  They are chocked full of protein and healthy fats that really trim my waistline and keep me full.  In my veggie days, there's no wonder I (a) wasn't loosing any weight and (b) always felt hungry.

Salad with Pizza Sauce??? No wait... It's good, I promise!

A great way to have this salad is to make sure when you make your Super Speedy Crust Pizza or Fooled Ya Pizza, you save 2 Tablespoons of pizza sauce..... way back in the frig so no one thinks is a mystery food and throws it out! 

Into my salad went all the things that I love on a pizza:
orange peppers
(lettuce of coarse)

Not pictured but would work:
crumbled sausage
green peppers
olives (yuck, I hate olives)
fresh herbs like basil and Italian parsley

...and so get the idea

Pizza Sauce Salad dressing:
2 Tbs Pizza Sauce + Ranch Dressing = Creamy Dreamy Pizza Taste!

Mark my words, when you finish eating this you'll swear you just consumed a naughty pizza and won't even miss the bread!  Promise ;)

My favorite Pepperoni is:

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