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Dip as a Dinner

Am I the only one that sees a fantastic dip recipe, saves it in some kind of party folder on the computer and there is sits?  It may sit there indefinitely, never touched!  I hate that!  Why does it have to be a party to have dip?!  

I made a Queso Cheese Dip and ate it for dinner.  Yes...I had my own little Par-tay.  I may have even done some dancin' in the kitchen as it's been 9 months since I've been able to eat queso cheese!  I was a happy momma! 

Along with this dip, I made for the first time tostadas out of Joseph's Pitas!  I had very little hope that they would work and they ended up being FANTASTIC!  

Queso Dip for Dinner

Ground Beef or Sausage (your choice)
Taco Seasoning
Veggies (Like peppers, onions, mushrooms)
Queso Fresco Block Cheese
Sour Cream

Brown your meat.  When it's nice and cooked, add your taco seasoning and some water and let it cook down.  (Just like making tacos)

Remove meat to a square baking dish.  Sauté veggies in the same pan.

Once your veggies are done.  Add them to your beef in the square baking dish.  Top your meat and veggie mixture with Queso Fresco Cheese.  I just cut mine up into big chunks and spread around.  Bake at 350 until melted and bubbling. 


Joseph Pitas (I like the mini ones for this recipe)
Coconut oil 

I like the mini Joseph Pitas for this because they were small enough to pick up and hold!

Heat some coconut oil in a pan.  Cut the pitas in half and fry each half.  

While they are still hot and oily, sprinkle with some salt.

**Careful!  These suckers burn easily.  

YUMMM!  Spread  a little dip on a tostada and top with some sour cream!  It's a Par-tay!!!  Well, it's really just a Tuesday night, but... Ole anyway!!!

1 small pita is 4 net carbs so I ate 1 whole pita plus half of another (total of 3 tostadas) and stayed at my 6 net carbs.  These were good the next day too.  Not quite as crunchy but still made it to leftovers.  

Alternately, I think if you didn't have or didn't like queso cheese, I think Monterey Jack would be great too! 


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