Monday, March 31, 2014

Greek Yogurt with Berries and Chocolate!

Simple, yet... Elegant! 
I should endure more into the simplicity of snacking.  Sometimes, I tend to get so wrapped up in complicated recipes.  When hunger strikes I get exhausted of the thought of googling a recipe.  I'm my own problem sometimes, lol!  With being almost 9 months pregnant, grabbing an apple is pretty gourmet these days.  This particular dish did have a small prep to it but still easy none the less.  

Raspberry Sauce:
Whenever I grind my Erythritol in my blender, it leaves a fair amount of residue.  I hate wasting that. I pretty much always have a bag of frozen, then thawed, berries in the frig.  I pour those soft berries and their juices into the sweet ladened blender with some lemon juice.  Give it a whirl and you've got berry sauce! 

My children love this stuff.  They actually just eat it with a spoon.  I pour it on all types of food.  If it's raspberries, I do strain the seeds.

My Chocolate Choice:
Chocoperfection Bars are... To...Die...For!!!  I love these goodies.  They are sweetened with erythritol and chicory root.  They do not cause upset tummy issues like maltitol.  They come in a WIDE variety of flavors.  Mint! Dark! Raspberry!  Milk is my favorite!  The only downfall on this product is its price.  You can't buy just a few (but after you've eaten one, you'll be glad you had a box in the cabinet.)  You have to order a minimum of 12 bars or more.  Sharing an order with friends is ideal, too.  I don't mind paying over 30 dollars for 12 bars.  It's worth the health factor in my eyes!  

So here's my fancy, elegant, simple snack..... finally!  

Mix some Greek yogurt with some liquid stevia until it's to your liking.  8-10 drops is about right!
I like Sweet Leaf.
Add to that some diced, fresh strawberries and your berry sauce.
(I used raspberry sauce today)
Drizzle on top 3 squares of melted Chocoperfection.
I used milk chocolate. 

If you're a Trim Healthy Mama and makes lots of orders to Netrition, you can find Chocoperfection there!

I just have to say the melted chocolate sets on the cold berries and yogurt like Magic Shell.  It is truly chocolate heaven!!!!
Enjoy :)

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