Thursday, March 13, 2014

Avoid The Stomach Bug


It's midnight and I am properly tired. I'm on my way to bed and I hear the dreaded sound that ALL parents hate... a kid throwing up. One, you're so upset that your child is sick and two, you know it's gonna be a looooooong night! My 18 month old was the one throwing up. I had seen on Facebook the outbreak of the stomach bug, so I knew what it was instantly. My husband and I were up with her all night. During that time I started to take a D3. My 18 month old actually threw up on me several times. The next day, I continued my D3 along with a probiotic and Vitamin C. I also gave this to all my other kids.

We went about our day. Kids went to school and I administered fluids to my recouping baby.

The next night my husband (who did not take the D3) started throwing up. Over the course of the 3 days my whole family got sick EXCEPT ME! I literally was going from room to room cleaning up everyone's 'sick' and changing diarrhea diapers. I was up to my elbows in nasty laundry, cleaning bathrooms, rinsing out buckets. At one point I got who-knows-what sprayed on my face during a washing of nasty bucket. I was on the D3, probiotic and Vitamin C just like all the kids.


In the very beginning of the spread of the bug I started drinking 'Good Girl Moonshine'. This is a Trim Healthy Mama drink. It consists of water, apple cider vinegar, lemon, stevia and ginger.
Apple cider vinegar keeps your body in an alkaline state. The stomach bug virus cannot live in a perfectly PH balanced home. I sipped and sipped and sipped on that stuff! I drank it for 2 days straight! Also combined with the probiotic, keeping my gut in proper check, really was the perfect combo.

Here's what I noticed: The kid that took the most D3 was my oldest. He was able to getting into the bottle on his own and took it more regularly than the little ones. He was only sick a few hours with about a total of 4 throw up moments. My other children had a regular 12 hour throw up session, but bounced back pretty easily. My husband who took nothing is still, 3 days later, healing. He said he threw up about 30+ times, passed out, and became so dehydrated he mouth was stuck together.

I think the facts are pretty obvious! I have pinned this article in my THM board on Pintrest because after some heavy digging I realized my Trim Healthy Lifestyle in general is what helped me. I do not eat any white flour, sugar or processed corn. Those are all very toxic and acidic!

On top of this, I practiced very good hand washing, constantly cleaned my home throughout the three days. I was extremely anal about wiping the toliet seat and faucets every time I used the bathroom. I was wiping down doorknobs, countertops, my couch, remotes, phones, keyboards.... you name it, it got cleaned.... heavily! I diffused doTERRA's OnGuard in all the rooms and ate OnGuard Bedlets periodically!

Here are my Wellness Recipes for keeping the stomach bug outta your body and home!

Good Girl Moonshine aka GGMS

Fill a 2 quart mason jar with ice.
Add to that:
2 Tablespoons of Bragg Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
2 Tablespoons of Lemon Juice or doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil
a few shakes of powdered ginger or doTERRA Ginger Essential Oil
sweeten with stevia to taste
The fill with water.

My husband thinks it taste like lemonade gone bad. I think it's delicious. I also know 30,000 women that think so too. And really, who got sick? Me or my husband?

***Incidentally, my daughter is doing a book report on Francis Marion right now.  He was a sickly, pale kid.  He was always contracting "fevers".  This was in the 1700's so I can imagine it was Scarlet Fever.  His mother would always sit him down by the warm fire and make him drink his "vinegar tonic".  Ah-ha... she was trying to build his immune system and keep him well!  Pretty cool!***

D3 Regimen
Take 10,000 IU's for 3 days (I spread mine throughout the day)
Scale back to 5,000 IU's until there is no more sign of sickness

The normal recommendation is 200 IU's
OH NO! I say!
Kids should have 1,000 IU's per day.
Read about it here.

I like this one.  You can find it in the refrigerator of most health food stores or The Vitamin Shoppe.
doTERRA has a great one too!

I prayed for my family everyday and ask God to spare me so I could care for them.  I'd be nice to be miraculously healed, but alas, we do live in a fallen world of sickness.  I learn so much through trials (James 1:2) and was given some amazing strength in my confidence as a caring mom and wife.  

And so I must end this post with a little nudge to try the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle!  You will loose weight, have clear skin, gain tremendous energy and.... STAY HEALTHY! 


  1. Great thoughts!
    My family has gotten a fraction if the illnesses we used to before THM!
    Seriously used to get sick at least once a month, no joke! This year? Maybe once every three months?
    The benefits are endless!
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  2. Awesome!!! Isn't that saying so true.... "You are what you eat!"