Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tortilla Cups

I recently went out to eat with some friends.  It was Mexican and I ordered the Taco Salad.  When they brought it to me, it was in one of those giant fried tortilla shells.  Blak! I was so offended.  It never said 'served in a giant, fried, tortilla' on the menu.  I dumped the salad out and low and behold half the food was the shell.  I don't like to waste my calories on stuff like fried shells.  Just so not worth the love handles.  Since then, I have designed my own 'healthy' shell!  This has certainly been done before, so I'm no genius here.  

Tortilla Cups

Low Carb Tortilla (this one is from Trader Joe's at 4 net carbs)
1 Tbs granulated erythritol and 1 tsp cinnamon
(here I have sweetened with stevia greek yogurt and strawberries)

Preheat oven to 350
smooth out a very small amount of butter on tortilla
sprinkle with cinnamon mix
fold in such a way that is forms a cup in a muffin pan

I baked mine for 9 min.  It really wasn't crispy, but hard.  I think if I had let it go farther it would have crisped.  *more experiments to follow*
When it's done you'll have a pool of butter and sweet cinnamon mix at the bottom.

That is the equivalent to the chocolate fudge at the bottom of a Nutty Buddy.

This was messy to eat.  I did end up with some on my pants.  No more messy than, say, and ice cream sandwich.  You start out fine and then by the end you have it on your face, hands and well... like I said...pants!  

Tip: If you're gonna do fruit, put some fruit on the bottom and then fill with your yogurt or ice cream and then more fruit on top.  That way after you've munched the top you still have a fruity surprise at the end.  

As far as Trim Healthy Mama categorizing goes, it can go either way.  It's all in how you fill it and how much butter you use on the tortilla.  Note: not that much is needed.  Seriously it's just to get the cinnamon and sugar to stick.  You could do a plain one with no butter or a light spray of coconut oil.

  Also, think savory with some avocado and chicken!  

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