Saturday, January 11, 2014


This is a fairly quick, easy, {Trim and Healthy} donut recipe.

Doughnut?  Donut?  No matter how you spell it... it is yummy!

Now, this is a 'cakey' type doughnut, so get the Krispy Kreme taste outta your head!
I have tried many recipes and then quickly deleted them all!  This is the only I use and trust it whole heartedly.  If I'm in a hurry or just tired or hungry- I skip the icing and just sprinkle a little homemade Truvia on top.  But... the glaze does add a level of sweetness that is to be desired!  

Run, don't walk to your kitchen now and make these delicious DOUGHNUTS!!!!

*** I subbed the vanilla with new flavor that arrived yesterday via UPS.  Different types of extracts give a wide range of variety!  I used Yellow Cake Mix in these donuts and you can find it here! ***

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