Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Baby #6

20 Weeks Today!  I'm half way there!!!!  This is baby number six and the LAST baby coming out of me.  I always wondered when I would feel confident that I could say that.  After number 5, I wasn't able to 'close the hatch'.  It just didn't feel right.  Now... I am ready!  I am ready to move to a different season.  I will enjoy this baby like it's my last... cause it is!  I have so many plans for myself.  Me!  Yes, I want to indulge in me.  I find myself dreaming of all the kids grown, mature, no more diapers, adult conversations, no threats of spankings and buckling of car seats and it seems so foreign to me.  I can't wait.  Much to look forward to. 

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