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Healing the post baby belly gap

Healing the post baby belly gap! Will my stomach ever be the same after pregnancy? One pregnancy?  Two?  Three?  Ummmm...try SIX! Don't even think for one minute that because you had children you will never have a flat belly again!  I am here to prove you wrong and steer you in the right direction!  My baby making days came and now sadly, they are gone!  I have six beautiful children.  During the 8th month of every pregnancy I thought about how it would even be possible to have a normal stomach.  I mean...that's a lot of stretching!  A woman watching her stomach go out and in as much as I have can really cause some vulnerability.  Not only did I have to work hard to loose that baby weight, but now I have to fix my.... Diastasis Recti???   What is diastasis recti (abdominal separation)? Pregnancy causes a huge number of changes on your body. Supporting the growth of a baby may cause the amount of pressure in your abdominal area to increase, which can cau
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THM Bodybuilding Style

Helloooooooooo..... Oh man-Blog posting is just NOT my thing!  I hate that I don't have more time and perseverance for this page!  I love shouting from the roof tops about nutrition and exercise...but I'm so busy living nutrition and exercise that I forget to talk about it.  Good circle to be in!  Anyways- I hope I haven't disappointed all 6 of the people that read my! I've been on a body building journey and have really enjoyed my results!  It was hard to ditch THM [a little] to put on some weight.  It went against everything I believe in.  Loosing weight!  That has been my whole baby making and having, way of life.  Loose weight. I never thought I'd want the scale to go up.  How bizarre! My happiest on THM I weighted a tiny 112 lbs.  I was trim and loved fitting into size 0-2 clothes. First time in my life, ever! Here I am with my oldest, dropping him off at Boy Scout summer camp!  I had a real grasp on THM and was already recruiting frie

Wearing a Weighted Vest & Maca

Wearing a Weighted Vest & Maca The benefits of a weighed vest: Takes Cardio to a new level Just as weight vests have been proven effective in the resistance-training realm, they have also made their mark in the cardiovascular arena. As if running with your own bodyweight wasn't difficult enough, consider throwing on a 50 lb. weight vest and attempting to do the same. That is exactly what 12 distance athletes were asked to do in a study published in the "European Journal of Applied Physiology." One group performed exercise with vests weighing approximately 10 percent of their bodyweight, and another group performed the same exercise without the weight vests. The group wearing the weight vests emerged victorious with improvements in both their "VO2 max (a measure of the body's ability to consume oxygen) and lactate threshold (the exercise intensity at which lactate begins to accumulate in the blood)," two crucial factors affecting endurance exercis

Sweetened Condensed Milk

Have you seen that wonderful recipe floating around for sweetened condensed milk that is on plan? No? Check this out: Sweet Condensed Milk Recipe Now, when you read this recipe you will quickly realize you need some patience as it has to simmer for 4 hours!  I saw this recipe over a year ago and thought of all the wonderful possibilities.  Then... I just never found 4 hours to simmer something.  And really, it's such a simplistic recipe, it seemed too good to be true.  Really. Then I came across one of those recipe videos on Facebook.  You know the ones.  We are all guilty of watching, saving and sharing them.  This one was the pumpkin pie in muffin cups made with sweetened condense milk.  Have you seen it? No? Check this out: Tip Hero Mini Pumpkin Pies Now.  Is.  The.  Time!  I decided to make the pies with the infamous milk.  Unfortunately I only had one can of full fat coconut milk so I improvised (and boy and I glad I did!)  It turned out wonderful!  I can only im

Caldo de Res (Mexican Beef Soup)

Caldo de Res (Mexican Beef Soup) with Zing!!! This soup is so fantastic. So, in your face, with Mexican flavor.  So... very different from your run of the mill, typical beef soup! My family and I have been going to our favorite Mexican restaurant for 12 years now. They know us by our van, as we pull into the parking lot. My husband eats lunch their 4 time a least! They have his table all set up with his food and drink when he walks in. It's a comfort for our children to go somewhere they feel special and the servers know them by name. Also, having 6 kids, we tend to make a bit of a mess. This restaurant expects the chaos we bring, so it's no big surprise! Lol! This restaurant created a new soup for the winter season. We sampled it the day they created it. It was delicious. Unfortunately, they put bacon in it so I had to mock up a pork free version for us. I didn't dare ask them their recipe (my Spanish is rusty anyway), so this is a tas

HALLOWEEN 2015 {THM style}

It's Halloween...  ...and the truly scariest sight is a tired momma!  She's the real zombie!  I had just rangled 6 kids at an over crowed fall festival.  Ticket cost were sucking me dry.  Really! 2 BUCKS to throw a pie?!  I had lost one kid for a good 15 minutes, there were a few tantrums, gimme this and gimme that mantras, "I'm cold"...."I'm bored"..."I wanna go home"...."I don't wanna go home!!!" By the time I got home and rubbed my eyes, in pure exhaustion, I had concluded that I invented the zombie look long before Walking Dead.   Halloween is one of those holidays that just makes people loose all crotrol when it comes to food and especially 'treats'.  Can I get an amen?  Those little twizzlers and snickers will not keep or make your hips little...if you know what I'm saying!  And all the party food!  Is there a way to eat the spooky treats and still not have all those ghoulish guilts? Answer..

NO BAKE....Pumpkin Bites {S}

I had a small amount of canned pumpkin left in my frig and created these on a whim. Not to build them up too much, but they remind me of those donut holes you buy in a box. I'm gonna steal the THM saying and say... Own It!! Make this your own. I just made these on the fly, but you can certainly put whatever spin you want on them! I love how the sisters encourage us to be our own chefs! Get creative & Make it work  NO BAKE....Pumpkin Bites {S}: 1 c baking b lend (homemade or THM brand) 1/2 c pure can pumpkin 1 tsp vanilla Splash caramel extract *optional, if you don't have it's okay* Pinch of salt 1 Tb almond butter 1/2-1 Tb pumpkin pie spice, depending how spicy you like it 1 Tb coconut oil Sweetener *the amount is gonna be questionable. There are so many different kinds out there. I make my own which probably can be compared to the Gentle Sweet. I did about 1/3 cup but dumped more in making it like 1/2 cup...BUT...I like super duper sweet stuff. Just taste as yo

From Flab to Fit

From Flab to Fit

Get Your Belly Back After Baby

Get Your Belly Back After Baby