Before & After

It's fun to talk about Trim Healthy Mama, but I think I like to show the results even more.  These are my friends and I've watched them all just melt away.  Literally dropping dress sizes.  Watching their confidence grow with each and every goal they accomplish, has been priceless.  No one woman did this alone.  Support was key!  Just as iron sharpens iron, girlfriends share the love and joy of eating bacon and cream cheese with her girlfriends! 

The long journey just got shorter when she got on the THM wagon.
She's proof that you can never be to far to the left to get to the 

Zoomed from Post baby #3 to Little-Black-Dress-Worthy in no time!
She was able to find the right balance of what works for HER body!

This gal is a marathon runner.  She sprints for butter and cream cheese, too.
She'll be the first to tell you that sweating is half the battle!    


  1. You all look fabulous! And thank you for posting your pita chips recipe!

  2. Just beginning this journey, I don't even have my books yet:) Tried so many diets and failed. Worked out like crazy but body just holds weight. Hoping this is the answer to my long prayed prayers.

  3. I am in love with Trim Healthy Mama and have been a true believer for 4 years now! It's not the easiest to go from what you know to something new. There will be lots of trials and set backs. But!! Don't give up. You'll adjust to stevia and almond flour and crave bad food less and less. Having an equal balance of good nutrition AND exercise is the "magic" system! The support system for THM is very strong and the sisters that created this program and whole heartedly, pure, in their intentions. If you are super serious---sign up for the THM online support after reading your book. Facebook can get a little heavy with so much to read. The online group (that doesn't cost much) is a great way to connect with the more serious people and ALL the recipes are at your fingertips. (Some of mine are in there too;) There is a meal planner that makes life easy! I know you can do it if you just make that leap of faith! You won't be disappointed. I"m always here to answer questions!